Transcribers & Typists Come to You!

If you have footage, audio, notes or minutes that you need transcribed, you always have the option of sending it to us via digital upload. However, if you believe the material is so sensitive and confidential that you do not want it sent out, we can send a transcriber or typist or temp worker to you.  

The big advantage is complete 100% confidentiality.  

  • Trained typists for sensitive audiotapes
  • Onsite transcribers
  • Board minutes
  • Mobile workers
  • Professional transcribers for digital footage
  • Transcribers and typists to take minutes
  • Temp workers to take notes
  • Mobile secretaries
  • Confidential transcribers take meeting minutes
  • Temporary contractors
  • Offsite transcription
  • Transcribers for gatherings
  • Typists for speeches
  • Transcriptionists for workshops.