Accuracy & Changes guarantees a 98% to 99% level of accuracy.  What does this mean?  It means that for every 100 words or bits of information in your media:  Spoken words, music, scene description, B-roll, time coding, etc... we shall get 98 out of 100 correct, on average.  98 will be correct, but 2 will not.  We've been doing this since 1993 and mistakes are ALWAYS made without exception.  Especially with highly detailed, multi-columned CCSL's or dialogue lists and continuity projects there are literally thousands of bits of information that require capture and, even with proofing, something always gets through. 


We are more than happy to correct our mistakes on any CCSL (STYLE 3 and above) on ONE pass through, but after that, we ask that you make any further changes yourself. “Changes” means small spelling mistakes or corrections or errors in time coding or scene description that are directly attributable to us at TTS, it does not mean any new work that is ordered or requested.

Terms & Charges

If you are a known client, we usually offer a Net-30 for payment terms.  However, if you are not, we require a SERVICE ORDER FORM to be filled out, only once.  We accept all major credit cards and before delivery, we will require this information to charge before delivery of transcripts.  We also charge a 15-minute minimum per-file.  The reason we do this is for efficient File Management.  We once received thousands of short, one-minute files and it takes longer to organize them than it does to transcribe them.  We also "round up" each file.  We do not count seconds when we charge.  For example, if we receive a media file that is 38 minutes and 42 seconds, we charge you for a 39 minute file. 


We kindly require that clients compress their files so that they do not eat up our bandwidth and take up too much time downloading.  We greatly prefer DROPBOX although we do accept HIGHTAIL also.  Please send us SPEAKER NAMES, supporting documents such as shooting scripts or cast lists or PDF documents that identify individuals.