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This will become an area that can further help transcribers in their quest to survive by making enough money at home to get by and not have to leave their children.  And we intend it to be a valuable resource for those who do not have children also.  If you are a transcriber what you can do is help us aggregate information by filling out any surveys, polls, questionnaires you see below and we will make sure they accumulate over time.

Transcriber survival advice and tips

We have been formally working in the transcription business since January of 1993, and earlier actually working for a TV show called “Hard Copy”. We’ve seen many transcribers come and go but most of them all shared a very similar thread:  Most are single parents, primarily mothers trying to make ends meet.  It’s a bitch to put it mildly.  When we began, it was all physical media:  Driving to and from our offices to pick up audiocassettes, CD’s, VHS tapes, all very difficult yet it provided us all with something we don’t have much of now:  Physical contact. Now, no one has to leave their home or office and we rarely see each other.

The most vital thing you can do in this tough, brutal economy is to keep your head up and keep fighting.  Many of us are just scraping out a living at best and stress levels and pressures have never been higher.  You have to keep your health, and that includes MENTAL health, above all else.

This page and this resource is just beginning, but please keep it bookmarked and watch it grow. Along with it, we will all win.



Transcriber tips: 
How to make your transcript more accurate (and your life easier)

Pre-Transcription Preparation:

Ask questions:  Get the proper name of the Project.
Technical terminology:  Industry specific dialogue, internal abbreviations, shortcuts, slang, phraseology.
The proper spelling of the attendees.
Correct addresses and anything with numbers.



Where WAHM's (work-at-home moms) find work

We aggregate information for work at home moms and single parents and then distribute the information to them. Please fill out our 2-question survey below on how to help WAHM:

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