FAQ: General Questions

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Why do I exist?
We don’t know. For now, let’s focus on the transcription related questions.

What is your phone number?

What are your email addresses?
OPERATIONS@TRANSCRIPTIONSTUDIO.COM (for basic questions, uploading media) or JEFF@TRANSCRIPTIONSTUDIO.COM for sales, marketing, partnership questions. 

What does TTS need to provide an accurate quote?
We have to KNOW what we're quoting.  Let us give you a few equivalent examples?  "How much does a car cost?"  "How much does it cost to make a film?"  There's a big difference between a 1971 VW beetle and 2022 Tesla.  Tell us the details:  Number of speakers? professionally moderated?  Miked?  Need time code?  Need literal verbatim?  Is your subject matter rocket science?  How fast do you need it back?  These details and more help us pinpoint a very accurate price. 

How long has TTS been in business?
Since 1993. In other words, longer than everyone else you’ll be asking.

Where is TTS based?
Our office is located at 2443 Laughlin Ave, Suite 100, La Crescenta, CA 91214. 

What are your prices for basic transcription?
Type 1 simple text transcription rates begin @ $1.89 per-minute for 3 to 5 day turnaround and higher for overnight, but that is negotiable based on volume. Type 2 (time coding included, tougher media) begins @ $2.29 per-minute.  Type 3 (very difficult media) is $2.69/per-minute and higher based on factors such as number of speakers, literal verbatim, time coding, accents, turn time, volume, etc...

What are your prices for RUSH or OVERNIGHT transcription?
Type 1 simple text transcription rates begin @ $3.89/per-minute of your media and Type 2 is $4.89/per-minute.  If you have difficult media, accents, need "LITERAL" verbatim (every 'uh', 'ummm' etc...) frequent time code stamps, poor sound, multiple speakers, the rates then go up from there.  We have a 12PM cutoff time every day.  Anything after that rolls to the next day.  So if you deliver media to us Monday before noon, we can get it back to you Tuesday before the end of the day.  If we get it after noon, it rolls to Wednesday. 

Are your prices competitive?
Yes. If you went out on the internet and got 10 quotes from domestic services, we would fall somewhere in the middle on average.  But if you get a quote 10% or lower than ours, it's a dead giveaway they are sending YOUR media OVERSEAS.  There are two risks with that:  The transcripts won't be as accurate and your media can end up on the internet. (Laws are different in every country.)

Are there any hidden costs?
No. But you should be aware that we have a 15-minute minimum charge per file.  The reason for this is to prevent companies from sending us 10,000 one-minute videos where the file management time alone is not worth the project.  Next, please make sure you request and follow our tech specs so that downloading/uploading is not a time issue.  Please compress first your 10GB file or it will bog down our system.  SEE BELOW FOR UPLOADING FILES. 

Why are transcription companies in India and the Philippines cheaper?
The same reason everything else is.  Cheaper isn’t better and it’s certainly not safer.  In truth, many "American" companies now are just fronts and won't share with you they are going overseas... but you'll notice the difference in the transcripts you get back.

Who owns The Transcription Studio?
Jeff Zedlar, CEO, triathlete, sci-fi writer, religious leader, authoritarian dictator.

What is Jeff’s background?
He worked for tabloid TV show “HARD COPY” in the early 1990’s learning transcription on the set with some very talented and ambitious people, many of whom went on to become showrunners elsewhere.  Jeff is also an experienced and sold writer and WGA member who takes great pride in the written word. 

How secure is your network?
Our firewall and network was designed by a high level RAND internet and firewall expert named Ed. Ed was installed at RAND to primarily defend against constant Chinese cyber threats. It's secure

How do we get media files to TTS?
It's easy nowadays.  Almost everyone sends us a DROPBOX link or a HIGHTAIL link which is a very easy and secure online system to transfer your media to us.  SEE BELOW FOR SEPARATE SECTION ON UPLOADING FILES.  Send your LINK to OPERATIONS@TRANSCRIPTIONSTUDIO.COM followed by an email notifying us of who you are and we can get started ASAP. 

Why should I choose TTS?
We’re friendly, easy to work with and willing to go the extra mile. Accuracy is a critical focus of our business. We constantly market against the horrors of overseas transcription, which is primarily a disaster because, quite simply, they don't truly and fully understand American slang and nuance to the degree that native English speakers do here at home. As Morgan Freeman says at the very end of the Tom Cruise movie, “War of the Worlds”: “We and we alone have earned that right,” and I’m paraphrasing.

Does TTS Stand by the quality of its work?

Always. If we make any mistakes we will correct them. CCSL’s are a little different. We will always make corrections to any mistakes we make including time coding, scene description, timing or spelling errors to the original work. Changes does not mean new project requests, it means making corrections to any previous errors we have made knowingly or unknowingly.

Does TTS do As-Broadcast and Combined Continuity scripts?
Yes.  Go to our "Script Services" section and look at a variety of different formats. 

Does TTS do medical transcription?
No. But we can refer you to those who do.

What are TTS’s hours of operation?
Monday-Friday: 9am-6pm, Pacific time. 
Saturday and Sunday: Closed, but we can process RUSH work. Ask us about the details.

What formats do you accept?
.MP3, .WMV, .MPEG4, .WAV, and other digital formats.
We do accept CD’S, hard drives, VHS and other media but the prices can be higher.

How do you protect confidentiality?
We are happy to sign your NDA and even submit to background checks. We have done work for the U.S. government and received excellent security clearance.



FAQ: Uploading Files


How do I submit digital media?
The following link is highly secure. Send us a sample or submit your work followed by an EMAIL to OPERATIONS@TRANSCRIPTIONSTUDIO.COM

What kind of media formats can I upload to TTS?
•    .mp3,
•    .wav
•    .wma

OTHER AUDIO FILES. If you have any of the following files and cannot convert them to one of the top media files, then call us as we may be able to accommodate you or at the very least help you convert them.
acc, aif, aiff, amr, ape, au, cda, dct, dss, gsm, flac, m4a, mid, mp3, mpga, ogg, raw, shn, sri, vox, wav, and wma.
•    .mp4
•    .mpeg
•    video
•    .wmv.

OTHER VIDEO FILES. Again, if you have any of the following, call us.
3g2, 3gp, avi, flv, m4v, mov, mp4, mpeg, mpg, video, and wmv.

Can I upload my files from the Internet?
Only if you’re friendly. We only work with unfriendly people if they have money. That’s the only exception we make. Just give us the URL (www.webaddress.com, etc) to YOUTUBE or any other place it may be such as:
•    Blip.TV
•    DailyMotion.COM
•    MetaCafe.COM
•    SlideShare.NET
•    Video.Google.COM
•    Vimeo.COM
•    Vzaar.com
•    Wistia.com

What languages can I have my transcripts done in?
Right now it’s only English. However we do have an absolutely fantastic translation partner, so please email us at: OPERATIONS@TRANSCRIPTIONSTUDIO.COM.

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