We’ve been a family run business since January of 1993 and we know the difference between transcription services who are based in the United States and those who are not.  The DIFFERENCE is ACCURACY.  Next, it’s ACCESSIBILITY.  You can dial us right now (during business hours of course) and we’ll pick up the phone and happily answer your questions.  We’re not located halfway across the globe seven time zones away.  We understand the english language at its core.  If you don’t think you’ll see that reflected in your transcripts, know right now that you’ll see it in the very first page.  Call us now for a free, friendly quote or email me directly for assistance at JEFF@TRANSCRIPTIONSTUDIO.COM.   Our phone number is 818.248.3400.

Digital Media Experts who Don’t Outsource!!!

You don’t know it but we do:  If you call 10 Transcription services right now that you found in a search engine, at least HALF will send your precious media overseas.  There are two risks with that:  First, it might just end up on the internet or youtube as laws in foreign countries are very different from those domestically which truly protect intellectual property on a much higher level.  Many overseas nations simply pirate media, CD’s, music, movies and anything else they can get their hands on.

China does it openly and even Britain’s laws are quite different.  Why risk it?  This is your precious, creative material.  Send it to a company like ours that has transcribers either based directly in our office or, at worst, under contract and strictly in the United States.  Many of our competitors simply have a U.S. based phone number and perhaps even a domestic address, but that’s NOT where it will end up.  Be careful! The second risk when you send your media to a “company” that has overseas transcribers in India or the Philippines is a basic understanding of the language.  Being able to speak the language doesn’t mean you understand all of the subtle idiosyncrasies, analogies, idioms, humor, allegories and countless hidden meanings buried beneath the surface.  It’s not the WORDS, it’s what they MEAN.  Choose your transcription company wisely just as you would anything else.

A- Rating With Better Business Bureau (BBB) Even though we have not sought accreditation with the bureau, they have still rated us highly due to 3 factors:

  • Length of Time in business.  (1993)
  • No complaints filed.
  • They state they have sufficient background information on us.

Before You Choose A Transcription Service, Google Earth Them!

Many transcription companies you will find on the internet may not even have a U.S. based address and, even if they do, they may not operate in an office or secure location.  Why does that matter?  Why does confidentiality matter?  We love kids too, and have them ourselves, but they don’t have access to our secure computers, files, transcripts or your media.  Nor do their friends.  Why?  We keep it SEPARATE.  We have an office.  That office has security. GO TO GOOGLE EARTH below, type in any address.  Here’s ours:  2267 Honolulu Ave, Suite 2, Montrose, CA  91020.