Transcription Rates & Key Details

The major downside to the big-box, race-to-the-bottom transcription services you'll find on the web that have 3-letters in their name (No, we don't name our competitors) is that they fail badly in four major areas:  They don't proof, they can't customize your transcripts (Want questions taken out?  Forget it) they can't assign transcribers with scientific knowledge to scientific material (they have a first come, first served cue) and you can't just dial them and talk to someone about your project needs.  The old fashioned term is "customer service".   Do they have advantages?  Of course.  Call us now and you'll know instantly what our biggest strength is: 818.248.2400

STYLE 1  (1-on-1, No time coding, great sound) rates begin @ $1.99/per-minute.

STYLE 2 (3+ speakers, TC, Verbatim) rates begin @ $2.39/per-minute.

STYLE 3, 4, 5 CCSL's please check out "CCSL's" above.

We have a minimum charge of $10.00 when you upload a file of any length.  We do this to prevent multiple uploads of short 1-minute files where file management time overruns transcription time. If your file is more than 10 minutes long, the minimum charge will be waived and you will only be billed at the regular per-minute rate.  We do this merely as a safeguard.  You can actually call us at (818) 248-3400 to discuss it with us.  There are exceptions and we're reasonable. 

Combined Continuity/ccsl/Dialogue List Rates


Again, call us now on these rates.  We're happy if you do.  These prices can vary from $7.99/per-minute of your media for a basic dialogue list, all the way up to $21.99/per-minute for a multi-column format with footage and frames, music and sound cues, etc.  The prices vary greatly based on several factors including turnaround time, editing style (because quick cuts mean more counting of scene duration, etc...)

Minimum Fees

The minimum charge for basic transcription $50 to set up a project, unless otherwise negotiated.  Again, this is a safeguard against us receiving hundreds of 1- and 2-minute files, for which the file management labor doesn’t make it worthwhile for us to process.  It’s important to note that WE DO NOT OUTSOURCE OVERSEAS!  So if you are out there getting quotes and you run across rates that are significantly cheaper than us, it’s a dead giveaway as to where your media is headed.  When your media goes overseas you have two problems:  Loss of accuracy and the fact that the laws of the United States no longer govern your media or corresponding intellectual property.  Bottom line:  You'll get what you pay for.

We ask that your media and files be cleanly organized and labeled.  We request clean “in” and “out” points, as we cannot guess what to transcribe: we will transcribe whatever is there. 

Editing Charges/File Management

If files are uploaded to us that require special file management or labeling, or files are duplicates, we cannot guarantee that we will catch this and you might be double billed.  Uploading is beyond our control and is your responsibility.  We assume that you have uploaded files for the purpose of transcription.  We have no way of knowing if you have submitted duplicate files and we may not catch it.  If we need to edit specific lengths, we charge $7 extra per-edit charge.  Please organize, label, edit your files prior to upload.

Labeling and Naming of Media Files

It is vital that you give every media file a UNIQUE NAME.  Sending us files that are named “FOCUS GROUP” or "BOARD MEETING" or something similar each time gives us no way to differentiate. We will send back the same files with the same name, even if you send us 100 files with the same name.  Please take the time to number or date each one uniquely, so that you can keep them organized on your end. That way, if you need us to find a particular file for you, we will be able to since we won’t have to search through 100 files with the same name.  “Focus Group 8.22.19” or “Focus Group – Frank Black #3” are superior options.  We will not rename your files, even upon request.  It’s something that you have to do.

Compress Your Media! (Please)

We always kindly ask that you try not to upload files that are uncompressed and so large they bog down the entire system and take hours and hours to download.  Please call or email us first, and we can help:  OPERATIONS@TRANSCRIPTIONSTUDIO.COM

Payment for First Time Clients

We do not require payment until transcription work is complete and you have your final rates for transcription.  However, if you are a first-time client or customer, we will require some kind of credit up-front, lacking a strong reference.  Once we complete the transcription work, we will deliver an invoice.  As soon as payment is made, your transcripts will be delivered.  Once good credit is established, we will deliver your transcripts prior to billing.

RUSH ORDERS and the rates for transcription are a little different for first time clients.  We will request a credit card up front or a very strong reference.  The card will only be charged once the rush order is finished so that we avoid any delay in transcript delivery.

Transcription Rates are Per-Minute of Your Media

Our rates are for the actual audio or minutes you have on your video or file you submit.  We always ROUND UP.  So if you submit a file that is 27:39 in length, you will be charged for 28 minutes.  We round up regardless of the seconds to the next minute to keep billing simple.  We do not bill or count seconds, only minutes.

If you have both Type 1 and Type 2 audio on a single tape or file, you will be billed for Type 2 or the higher rate.  We don’t split the rates unless you wish to pay extra.  In that case it’s $7 per-edit.

Standard Audio-Cassette Pricing

It’s very important to digitize old analog media including audiocassettes.  For the purposes of transcription, Side A and Side B are considered separate transcripts, unless otherwise instructed.  You will be billed for the minutes on Side A, and then the minutes on Side B.  Not the total of both.

Additional Fees

Additional Charges

We have extra fees for significant background noise, accents, difficult voices, scientific or technical terminology.   Please inquire within for more information.

Have further questions about our rates? Call us or fill out a contact form please.