Welcome Transcribers!

Without you, we could not survive.  We openly welcome new transcribers to apply and we kindly and humbly ask that you fill out our Transcriber Application (handily located at the bottom of this page).  Yes, online applications are indeed “black holes” - but know that we have hired many people from it. The more details you fill out, the better chance you have of being hired.



Transcribers who work from home and in our office

We hire excellent, experienced transcribers from all over the United States and locally to work in our office.  We DO NOT hire overseas transcribers - sorry, but that’s our pledge to clients.  Some of our clients demand that we do not outsource work anywhere but inside the safe confines of our office and others don’t mind if transcribers work from home. It just depends.




10 Advantages of Transcribing from Home

  1. You can work your own hours.
  2. You don’t have to spend money on gas.
  3. You don’t have to sit in traffic.
  4. You can be with your kids.
  5. You can dress anyway you want to.
  6. You don’t have a boss standing over you.
  7. You can take breaks as needed.
  8. You can mix in your own personal tasks.
  9. You can feed your pets.
  10. You’ll have more time to fight with your spouse.



  • Must have knowledge of digital media uploads/downloads.
  • Knowledge of FTP preferred.
  • Must be punctual, timely, not miss deadlines.
  • Must FINISH the work you take.
  • Must be willing to take 15 to 30 day delay on paychecks.  (Clients pay us 30+ days out, we cannot pay out faster than we get paid ourselves.  This is a cashflow disaster)
  • If all of this is you, please fill out our application below.  If not, many of our competitors will be open to hiring you.  Nothing personal.
  • Must have an address in the United States.
  • Must be willing to sign NDA’S (Non-disclosures and Confidentiality Agreements)
  • Must be willing to supply 3 to 5 references.
  • Must be willing to submit to background checks. (Some government agencies demand it of us)
  • Must not be a FELON.
  • Must submit Social Security number and driver’s license.
  • 5 years transcription experience preferred.
  • Must possess excellent vocabulary and proofing skills.
  • Must have own transcription software.  (ex: Express Scribe)

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