A COMBINED CONTINUITY SPOTTING LIST is a highly detailed transcript of a feature film or documentary.  It is merely a written reflection of everything that was shot on camera and it includes character identification, dialogue, scene description, camera moves, music cues, sound effects, time coding and more.

For any producer, it's an absolute contractual requirement for a distributor who will require it at the very least as a legal document but primarily it is needed for the overseas market where it will be utilized to translate, edit, and subtitle your film for overseas audiences.  

Possessing a CCSL is like having a detailed map of your picture.  You will know where every sound byte is and who said what when and where.  You will know where every bird chirping is located, every song lyric, every car chase. 

A CCSL is something often overlooked by producers until the very end of the post-production process and that's how we can help. Our owner is a longstanding member of the WGA and IDA and intimately understands the entertainment industry, a limited budget and the detailed needs of your delivery requirements. 

Copy and paste your delivery requirements to and we will tell you EXACTLY what style and format your distributor is asking from you and how you can save money with a different format.  You do not want to under-deliver here or they can contractually make you do it over. This is NOT something you want to send overseas for two very big reasons.  Call us anytime at 818.248.3400 or email now.  We're eager to assist you succeed and reach the world.