Wanna test us?  Call us now to discuss:  818.248.3400.   With hundreds of very happy clients nationwide and beyond, we’ve become interchangeable with the concept of providing highly accurate and on-time transcripts at an affordable cost, especially in the entertainment industry, high end advertising agencies and for media-based businesses. We also specialize in focus groups, corporate transcription, sermons and many other sectors. Allow us to gain your trust that we have earned with so many others large and small.  Remember, we do not outsource overseas!  What does that mean?  Higher quality transcripts and real time communication. 

American transcribers are the best in the world and are vastly superior to those in the UK, Scotland, Britain, India and the Philippines. They just simply know the nuances of American slang and the endless idioms and subtleties of the English language so much better. We’ve witnessed this for decades.

Who are we?

The Transcription Studio has been family-owned and operated since 1993. We run a tight ship from the top down and have learned from our mistakes. One of the reasons the business works is we always make ourselves accessible and reachable at all times and our personal philosophy is about being friendly to all.  Try us at 818.248.3400 or email the CEO, Jeff@TranscriptionStudio.com, and find out for yourself.

Although we have not sought accreditation with the Better Business Bureau, they have still given us an A+ Rating because of 3 very important factors.  Click on the link above to find out what they are.


There are advantages to having a small or medium sized company and one of them is not being placed on hold or having to navigate through menus.  Your time matters.  To us, "customer service" means that a human being picks up the phone... quickly.  Have questions?  We'll answer them.  If you leave a message off hours, we'll get back to you.  It's not complicated.

MORE ON THE critical subject of outsourCING

Because we've been in this business so long now, we know that a high percentage of our "American based" competitors outsource to other countries.  While we recognize this is common and not illegal, they should tell you where your media is headed up front.  Most however, will not.  So if you are shopping around, ask this question up front and find out.  There is no substitute for accuracy and something is always sacrificed when your media crosses oceans.  It’s not a personal attack on those people or organizations, it’s just a logical fact and the simple, undeniable truth. Americanized English is best understood and transcribed by those who speak it as their first language. On top of that, once you send your media and intellectual property overseas it will governed by the laws of that country, not the United States.  We've seen media end up on YOUTUBE without permission of the owner.

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