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We’re a family-run business and we know how to handle your sermons. You’re in good hands here. 


Have interviews, documentary or news footage? We’ve been in the business since 1993 and we excel at all of those formats.



We offer old style typing and data entry services into spreadsheets, presentations and word documents. Just ask.  


Everything you have can be uploaded to us quickly and securely. Just click here



Our secure network and firewall was set up by a high level employee of the RAND CORP. So know that your phone calls and media are always safe. Many private investigators send us phone calls as do government agencies. Call us if you have any questions. You will not get a MENU, we answer our phones directly. 



Make your media libraries easily searchable for specific content. Have your video, audio and text libraries transcribed so they can be easily found both by the external world and the internal matrix of your organization.



We provide confidential transcription services dedicated specifically to the needs of the financial industry, including the expert and accurate transcription of earnings calls, financial meetings, sales reports, executive personal dictation and minutes. Check out our A+ RATING at the Better Business Bureau. 




We’re a real business, an LLC or a Limited Liability Company and your podcasts are in good hands. We can download your podcast safely and securely. We have two basis types of pricing: TYPE 1 pricing is professionally recorded and duplicated in a studio or a close microphone conversation without background noise. TYPE 2 pricing would involve multiple speakers, recording over a phone line, room microphones, poor
recordings, heavy accents or background noise.



We transcribe virtually anything in the field of publishing including self-publishers and web publishers. We also specialize in providing transcription for research industries of all varieties, including writers and authors. We transcribe one-on-one interviews for publishing houses, media libraries, clinical study focus groups, research interviews, author’s notes and galleys and much more. Call or email us for a quick quote. 


Public & Motivational Speakers

You can quickly upload your public speeches and motivational work to us. You can do it from your office, your hotel room, anywhere your computer is with you. It’s important to have a written and electronic record of your thoughts for many reasons. Being able to accurately and efficiently turn those thoughts back to your clients and customers is critical for you and your speaking business. Remember, we do not outsource overseas for any reason. Be careful, because many of our competitors do and you just won’t get the accuracy.  


Digital Dictation

Dictated material often needs proofing and we specialize in that. Many companies do not, especially when your material is being sent overseas. We keep it right here. You can upload 24/7. You’re safe with us.


Conference Calls

A conference call is a recorded conversation between three or more people which is generally conducted in a professional environment. Conference call transcription services usually involve high level business meetings or earnings calls. We’re always more than happy to sign any NDA you have. Just send it to


We transcribe airchecks and logs. Our TYPE 1 pricing is for a radio aircheck, conversation or interview that is professionally recorded at a studio or perfectly sound proofed station involving two speakers and no more. TYPE 2 pricing would involve multiple speakers, recording over a phone line, room microphones, poor recordings, heavy accents, field interviews, background noise or music of any kind.


We welcome all documentary filmmakers to our documentary transcription service. Not only are we members of the great IDA (International Documentary Association) organization but also the DOCULINK community. We understand that many doc filmmakers simply don’t have the budget for transcription. We get it. However, let’s face it, do you really want to log and transcribe your own footage? Call us and we’ll work with your budget.

Insurance Transcription

Insurance is a business that covers a thousand fields: Medical, business, homeowners, E&O, life, automotive… just to name a few, and all of them have transcription service needs. We can handle personal memos, dictation, investigations, meetings, insurance reports, accidents or other events. We can get them back to you without a concern of confidentiality because we’re a bonafide and well-established company with a long track record.

Focus Groups

We’ve been employed by high-level government agencies, Fortune 500 corporations, movie studios and other business giants who have all left satisfied with their focus group transcripts. We strongly recommend providing us with a video source and character or speaker list, so that our transcribers can accurately identify each individual speaker. If your video is submitted on DVD or VHS with “BITC” burned-in-time-code, we can provide time code references wherever you need them.

Education, Libraries and Research

We transcribe one-on-one academic interviews, catalogue media libraries, classroom lectures, faculty meetings, clinical study focus groups, research interviews and much more. In addition, educational and collegiate libraries have backlogged audio materials that need to be transcribed and closed-captioned. We have partners who do that. 


Government & Law Enforcement.

The most important concern for both government agencies & law enforcement is always the same: confidentiality. It doesn’t matter if it’s the LAPD or NASA. We have strict controls and built-in protections such as non-disclosure agreements and careful screening of applicants. We offer to all qualified agencies an open book policy when it comes to background checks of our company officers and all employees. You can upload your files to us over a secure and encrypted network. We transcribe law enforcement field dictation, IRS audits, private investigations, interrogations, surveillance reports and much more.

Panel Discussions

A panel discussion is defined as a group of people who are fielding questions either from a moderator or an audience. Know that our company can quickly and efficiently handle a large volume of material. On a technical level, please understand how critical it is to place a microphone in front of each speaker. We also strongly advise videotaping the session as having a video source greatly helps our transcribers individually identify each speaker.

Legal Videographers.

We provide transcription services for legal videographers. We can transcribe any meeting, day-in-the-life or at-the-scene footage. Keep in mind, we don’t do any editing, only the transcription.




Seminars, Conferences & Trade Shows

Our transcription services for seminars, conferences and trade shows are accurate, fast and competitively priced. When you upload them to us you can have them back to your clients or on your website for sale within a few days and oftentimes much faster. That’s typically up to you. There are generally two definitions that apply here:

-A host introduces a speaker, followed by a Q&A session.
-A host introduces one speaker followed by another, the moderator wraps up the session.

-A host moderates a panel of speakers.
-A panel of speakers talk and take questions from an audience.
-A host introduces two or more speakers, who then give a joint presentation.



Transcription for Reality Shows.

We have a team of in-house transcriptionists, as well as independent contractors that handle TV & reality shows. We transcribe interviews for reality television programming and we also can log your B-roll footage. For those unfamiliar with “B-roll”, this is industry lingo for unstructured and non-interview footage in addition to interviews on the move. Getting a transcript with time code insertions is often a huge help to producers and editors pre-edit. For scripted television, having a transcript of your completed show often fulfills your overseas and delivery requirements. Our owner is also a proud member of the WGA and takes great pride in understanding and honoring your needs. 



Speeches & Lectures

Your lecture and speech will always be confidential and won’t end up on YOUTUBE as has been known to happen when you use companies that outsource where the intellectual property laws of the United States have no jurisdiction. Use caution and know when seeking quotes that you will get what you pay for. We sign non-disclosure agreements routinely and pride ourselves on accuracy. We have two levels of proofing, not one. TYPE 1 pricing applies if the lecture or speech is professionally recorded with a direct feed from the microphone into professional equipment. The speaker must speak with American dialect English as a first language. TYPE 2 pricing applies if the lecture or speech is not professionally recorded, if there is a Q&A session, if the lecturer and audience interact together, if it’s recorded on analog cassette, or if there is poor sound quality, excessive noise, or heavy accents.



Webcasts & Webinars

We provide a wide variety of transcription services for your valuable and potentially transcript-lucrative webcasts & webinars. We can download your footage from virtually any web address - just send us the link. However, we will need a version that is not streamed. A surprising number of your customers and viewers will seek to download the written record of your webcast or webinar almost immediately upon conclusion. Let us help you make it available to them almost immediately.


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