Transcribers Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I get paid?

This will depend heavily on your skill but we pay between .50 per-audio-minute all the way up to $5.99 per-minute for As-Broadcast and Combined Continuity scripts, which are highly detailed and very time consuming.

How often will I get paid?

Once you begin with us, we will have you “fall back” 20 to 35 days on average.  Once you begin getting paid, we will send you a check every 6-8 days after that.  The reason we have you fall back is to save our cash flow.  Companies and corporations nowadays pay us at 30+ days (and sometimes well beyond that). We learned some very tough lessons in paying out before we got paid ourselves.  It’s just math, it’s nothing personal.

How will I get paid?

Through a Citibank online check.  We can’t control the post office or how long it takes to get to you.  It’s a government agency so… good luck.  We do not do direct deposit at this time.  Everyone gets paid the same way.

Will I get a 1099?

As an independent contractor, you will be paid according to the laws of the crumbling State of California.  What does that mean?  They’ll want an increasing percentage of what you earn.  Then they’ll wonder why so many people are broke.  If you earn over $600 in any given year, you will receive a 1099 in the mail no later than January 31 of the following year.

Have you ever been late in paying your transcribers?

Yes.  We had a very smooth system that went belly up in early 2013, when our two longtime primary accountants left at the same time, one because of cancer.  This forced other company officers to jump in and learn the system on the fly.  During this time, many transcribers were paid late.  But “late” isn’t default.  Most understood that we don’t intentionally hurt our transcribers, as this is akin to financial suicide or shooting the wheels out of your car. However there are always the primitives, the condemners who will not give the benefit of the doubt, even though since January of 1993 all have gotten what was justly owed.  If you want the truth, that’s it.  You’re not perfect.  We’re not perfect.  But if you work for us, you will get your money.

How often will I get work?

That depends on two factors:  How good you are and, how much work we get in.  As you know there are heavy periods and slow periods and this is why we always recommend working for 2-3 transcription services minimum.  Be upfront with all and all should understand. Then you won’t have to sweat it out when one service is slow.  You look out for us, we’ll look out for you.  We’re all connected, we all have to survive.

How fast do I need to type?

30 WPM with the left hand and 30 WPM with the right hand.  So when you add them up, 60+ WPM at the bottom end of the scale, however, we prefer 80+.  Divide by two to figure out what that will be for each hand. We ask only that your heart is healthy enough for typing.

Will I be tested?

Yes.  We have online testing but it’s all sterilized.  Just be careful who you are with.

Where can I fill out an application?

You can fill out your Transcriber Application here.

Can I take time off?

Yes.  The medical term is intermittent non-consciousness.  Others have termed it “sleep,” but we don’t think that will catch on.  If you are a mother or a mother with children, you will probably never be treated for I.N.C.  You are an INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR, not an employee.  Just communicate with us ahead of time.  Unless of course you fall into the next category…

Do you hire idiots?

On occasion, yes.  But he was fired in February of 2009.

Can I miss deadlines?

Sure.  Can we miss paychecks?

Do you outsource overseas?

No.  We tried that once.  Picture a guy digging his own grave.  Then picture a mushroom cloud in the background.  If you don’t need quality it works fine.

Is outsourcing good for everyone?

Absolutely, as long as your reliance on money has ended.  We don’t like the fact that so many “U.S.-based” transcription services have a competitive advantage of outsourcing overseas yet try to hide that fact.  You can’t have both.  If you know of transcription companies that do this, let us know and we will publicize it. Click here to let us know who outsources overseas.

Do you hire people from New Jersey?

Yes. As soon as they get the internet.

Can I bring work to you?

Yes.  If you have found someone that needs a lot of transcription and you can’t handle it just by yourself, bring it to us and we will reward you.  First, we will give you a HIGHER RATE for the project, at least 10%, and, we will give you all the work you can handle from that source as long as it lasts.  We will give you the best quality, too.  Remember, if you can’t handle the work on an individual basis, you are just going to lose the work anyway.  Don’t lose it!  Get rewarded for it.  Fill out this form to refer a client.

What basic equipment do I need?

A computer is a good start.  You’ll need an internet connection, transcription software, perhaps a foot pedal and at least one foot to push down on it.  You’ll need a car if you work in our office.

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